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Home Remedies For Tick Bites

  • This is not a pleasant thought, but a remarkable remedy. If a tick has embedded itself in your skin, take clear fingernail polish and put two drops on the insect. It will release its grasp and back out. Just wipe it off your skin.

What if I don't have tweezers handy?

You can scrape off deer ticks, which are no bigger than the head of a pin, with a knife blade or the edge of a credit card. For wood ticks (sometimes called dog ticks), which can be up to half an inch long, use your fingers. Again, try to grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible and pull upward in a steady, gentle motion until the tick releases its grip. As soon as you can, wash the area with soap and water - or at least a moist towelette.

What if I don't remove all of it?

If part of the tick remains buried, don't worry. It's not going to increase the risk of a tick-borne infection. Just remove it as you would a splinter. As with a splinter, if you can't get it completely out fairly easily, don't dig around. Your child's body may expel the piece on its own. If not, and any sign of a local infection develops (redness, oozing, warmth), take your child to the doctor.

Skunk Spray

  • When you've gotten in the path of a frightened skunk, add a cup of tomato juice to a gallon of water and wash your body with it. Do the same with your clothes.
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