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When you travel by air, it generally takes one day to recover for every time zone that you pass through. New York to California-that's three time zones, so three days of jet lag. Actually, going east to west and gaining a few hours is better jet-lag-wise than west to east when you lose a few hours.

In terms of getting that first good night's sleep at your destination, it seems best to plan on arriving in the evening.

England's Royal Air Force School of Aviation Medicine (King's College, London) suggests that when flying east, fly early... when heading west, fly late.

Surely you've heard that alcohol is one of the most powerful dehydrators there is. And you must know that just being in an airplane is dehydrating. But do you know that dehydration makes jet lag worse?


Flying for long distances, especially through several time zones, is very stressing to the body. The plane's environment will probably be lower in oxygen than the regular atmosphere and also quite dry, which may cause you to become dehydrated . Those travelers who drink alcoholic beverages will worsen the dehydration problem. In addition, radiation will cause free radical activity.

Quite possibly because the level of the hormone melatonin decreases with age, people over the age of 50 are more susceptible to jet lag.

Conclusion: Do not drink any alcoholic beverages while airborne. Instead, try to drink lots of water and juice-as much as possible. If you have to keep going to the lavatory, good. Walking up and down the aisles will help refresh and prepare you for your new time zone.

Natural home remedies

  • A couple of days before flying, take ginkgohawthorn tincture (available at health food stores) and follow the dosage on the label.
  • It's been reported that taking ½ to 1 mg of melatonin right before boarding the plane has prevented jet lag. If you know that you really suffer from jet lag, ask your doctor about taking melatonin before your upcoming flight. But be careful-some studies in animals suggest that people with high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease should not take melatonin. Again, always consult with your health professional before taking melatonin.
  • Avoid traveling while enduring sickness such as flu, colds, or ear problems.
  • While flying, move around a lot, avoid alcoholic drinks, instead opting for juice, tea, or water, and keep yourself occupied with a book or music.

Play Make-Believe

  • As soon as you board the plane, pretend it's whatever time it actually is at your destination. In other words, if you board the plane at 7 pm in New York, and you're headed for London where it's 1 am, pull down your window shade or wear dark glasses and, if possible, go to sleep.

If you board a plane late that night and it's already daylight at your destination, force yourself to stay awake during the flight. Making believe that you're in the new time zone at the very start of your trip should help you acclimate more quickly.

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