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The average human body contains 45 miles of nerves. Neuralgia is an inflammation of a nerve and seems to be caused by poor circulation-too much or too little blood in an area. A neuralgia attack is an excruciating sharp pain in the face area, usually near the nose, lips, eyes or ears.

Neuralgia is a serious medical condition that should be diagnosed and treated by a physician. But with your doctor's approval, these remedies might help.

Natural Remedies

  • To ease the pain of an attack, hard-boil an egg. Take off the shell, cut the egg in half and when it cools enough not to burn you, apply both halves to the trouble spot. By the time the egg cools completely, the pain should be gone.
  • If you have neuralgic pains in your face, take a shower and let the hot streams of water beat against the problem area. Or, just try a hot water compress if the shower is too much for you to take.
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