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Home Remedies For Genital Itching

NOTE: Genital and rectal itching may be due to an allergy, yeast overgrowth, poor hygiene or parasites. Go to the doctor and find the cause, then it will be easier to eliminate the problem.

Natural home remedies

  • Sprinkle cornstarch all over the area to stop the itching.
  • At the first sign of an outbreak, take L-Lysine and increase your intake of Vitamin C. Dab the area with tea tree oil, lavender oil or a combo of both for instant relief.
  • Buttermilk is known to stop the itching and help heal the area. Dip a cotton pad in some buttermilk and apply it to the problem spot.
  • As soon as you feel like your about to have a out break, keep the infected area clean and dry. You can keep it dry by using a cornstarch powder and sleep without underwear.
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