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Home Remedies For Hearing Loss

  • A loud noise, a head cold or wax build-up can cause partial loss of hearing. In Sicily, where garlic is a cure-all, they stew a few cloves in olive oil, then press it and strain it. On a daily basis, 3 or 4 drops of the garlic/olive oil juice are placed in the ear(s) and plugged up with cotton. It is said to restore one's hearing.

Hey, I can hear now:"

"Good. I've been wanting to tell you something.. .you smell of garlic!"

Improve Your Hearing

Aerobic exercise, including brisk walking or bicycling, can help prevent some age-related deterioration in the ears, as well as damage caused by exposure to loud noises. Exercise also increases the ability to hear faint sounds.

This good news comes from results of studies conducted at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, which concluded that aerobic exercise improves hearing by circulating blood to inner ear cells and bringing them more oxygen and an increased supply of chemicals that prevent damage to them.

NOTE: Seek professional medical attention for a hearing impairment or any sudden hearing loss.

Just a Pinch

  • Pinch the tip of your middle finger four times a day, five minutes each time. Before every meal, pinch the right finger. After every meal, pinch the left finger. When you get up in the morning, pinch the right finger. When you go to bed at night, pinch the left finger.

Your right finger is for your right ear and left finger for left ear, so if you want to improve only one ear, pinch accordingly. Make it easy on yourself and clip on a clothespin.

  • This potent potion has been said to actually restore hearing-drink 1 ounce of garlic juice with 1 ounce of onion juice once a day.
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