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This section deals with remedies for a variety of animal bites (from spiders, jellyfish, Portuguese man-of-wars, hairy caterpillars, dogs and snakes) as well as insect stings (from bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and mosquitoes).

CAUTION: If you have a history of an allergy to stinging insects, have a physician-prescribed emergency sting kit on hand at all times!

Everyone knows that to avoid disease from biting insects and animals, you shouldn't bite any insects or animals! If they bite you, try these practical and effective suggestions.

  • A paste made with water and baking soda can help draw out the heat of a sting, reduce the redness, inhibit the swelling and take the itch out of a bite. Every half hour, alternate the baking soda paste with ice on the stung or bitten area.
  • Wheat germ oil also helps soothe a sting. Every half hour, alternate the wheat germ oil with ice on the stung area.

Some of the Animal Excounters are :-

   Memory Problems
   Migraine Headaches
   Mosquito Bites
   Motion Sickness
   Muscle Aches
   Nausea And Vomiting
   Neck Tension
   Night Vision
   Poison Ivy
   Pruritis And Hives
   Rectal Itching
   Rough Hands
   Shaving Rash
   Sore Throats
   Spider Bites
   Stiff Neck
   Stomach Cramps
   Sun Blindness
   Tick Bites

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