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Home Remedies For Night Vision

Night vision is the ability to see , whether through biological or technological means, in a dark environment. Most instances, whether biological or technological, use a combination of two approaches: enhanced spectral range, and enhanced intensity range.

Natural home remedies

  • Eat blueberries when they're in season. They can help restore night vision.
  • You know the old joke about carrots being good for your eyes? Well, you've never seen a rabbit wearing glasses. Eat two or three carrots a day (raw or cooked) and/or drink a glass of fresh carrot juice. It's excellent for alleviating night blindness.
  • Eat more watercress in salads and/or drink watercress tea.
  • This remedy seems so yucky, we would not have included it had we not heard of the wonderful results from several reliable sources. Every day for two weeks, put a drop of raw honey in each eye. (We said "yucky," didn't we?) It stings like crazy for a few seconds until tears wash away the pain. Within a week or two, there should be a noticeable improvement in your night vision.

CAUTION: Be careful putting any foreign substance in the eye. It can be painful and may cause infection.

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