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Natural herbs are good for natural therapies to many diseases. They can be very effective if we can use them with precision and care. There are different kinds of herbs, roots, and essential oils which help us to live a healthy life. The herbs can be used for skin care, for favouring the food or for treating illnesses. It would be lovely if you had a kitchen garden and you could cater to it every morning. But none the less a little window sill garden would do the job. A few plants on a sunny window could do the trick. All you will ever need are some plants that can give out essential oils and you can start your sojourn of knowing the essential herbs. You cannot just apply pure oils straight to the skin. You have to mix with a base like wheat germ oil or almond oil. The base oils can be got from nuts, seeds and vegetables.

The natural remedies and basic oils

Lavender oil is the very basis of all the oils that are available. This oil works wonderfully to treat burns, bruises and cuts and is good for relaxation and sleep.

The Eucalyptus oil and the tea tree oil are much useful for treating respiratory diseases. These oils can be burned in an oil burner so that inhaling the oil can clear all congestions. These are very good for cough and cold. This is a natural antiseptic too and can be used on stings, bites or cuts. Pimples and acne are also treated with these oils and diluting them with water, can help make a mouth wash which leaves your breath clear and fresh and germ-free. Of course, care must be taken not to swallow the oil.

Geranium oil acts as a pain reliever and an antiseptic. Peppermint oils help to treat digestive problems and can also be used as a breath-freshener.

Some oils give out mild fragrances and can be used to enhance the ambience of a place. Ylang ylang oils and Patchouli oils when burned in an oil burner can help to perfume a room. Patchouli can be used for treating dandruff and eczema. Ylang Ylang will relieve you of stress. Besides it also treats high blood pressure and palpitations. The oil which is used widely for treating nervous tension and depression is the orange oil. Cinnamon oil is excellent for treating viral infections and warts. Rosemary and Thyme can be grown in the house and used whenever required. These are used for flavoring food and also as medicines, for the purpose of antiseptics and other skin care.

Other Natural Herbs

Lemon oil helps to make water pure. When it is mixed with honey, it can be used to treat flu and colds. White vinegar and lemon are used for cleaning. White vinegar is also a disinfectant. Garlic Oil or Citronella is good for treating fleas of animals. If your dog food is seasoned with a dash of garlic, you will not need to worry about fleas any more.

Garlic is a wonderful natural herb. It helps to promote a healthy system If you add garlic to your everyday diet regime you will be less susceptible to cold or other diseases. Most of the natural herbs help to create an immunization against most of the common illnesses in winter.

So if you are looking for nature friendly products, you can use the oils and the natural herbs to help you to start on a regular health programme with the help of simple herbs available at hand.

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