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Home Remedies For Eyestrain/Tired Eyes

Eyestrain isn't as serious as some eye problems, but it can certainly make the niceties of life-reading a favorite book, focusing on hobbies like needlepoint, enjoying a candlelit dinner-more problematic. Here are some strategies for taking the strain out of your eyes.

  • Pinch the ends of your index and middle (second and third) fingers of each hand for 30 seconds on each finger. If your eyestrain isn't relieved after two minutes, do another round of pinching.
  • Sunflower seeds contain vitamins, iron and calcium that may be extremely beneficial for eyes. Eat about ½ cup of unprocessed (unsalted) shelled seeds every day.

Put Up Your Feet

  • If your eyes are strained and tired, chances are the rest of your body is also dragging. Lie down with your feet raised higher than your head. Relax that way for about 15 minutes. This gravity-reversing process should make you and your eyes feel refreshed and rarin' to go.
  • Cut two thin slices of a raw red potato and keep them on your closed eyelids for at least 20 minutes. Red potatoes are said to have strong healing energy, but any other type of potato will work, too.
  • Steep rosemary in hot water for 10 minutes. Use a rosemary tea bag or 1 teaspoon of the loose herb in a cup of just-boiled water. Saturate a cotton pad with the tea and keep it on your eyes for 15 minutes. Rosemary should help draw out that tired-eye feeling. Also, see the "palming" remedy on page 79 (under "Vision Improvers").

Eyestrain Prevention

  • Looking at red ink on white paper for long periods of time can cause eyestrain and headaches. Stay out of the red!

Eye Twitch

  • Pressure and tension can cause eyelid twitching. Aside from taking a relaxing two­week vacation, you should try to eat more calcium-rich foods.

According to some nutritionists, adults can (and should) get all the calcium they require through nondairy foods-green vegetables, sesame seeds, whole grains, unrefined cereals, canned salmon and sardines, soy milk and other soy products, including tofu.

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