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Home Remedies For Emphysema

Emphysema is an abnonnal condition of the lungs, characterized by decreased respiratory function, that is associated with chronic bronchitis, old age or-smoking.

If you've been diagnosed with emphysema and you're still smoking, don't bother reading this anymore.

Natural home remedies

  • Drink garlic, fennel, and rose hips tea to help with coughing and with the healing process.
  • Now then, combine ½ teaspoon of raw honey with 5 drops of anise oil and take this dosage a half hour before each meal We've heard positive reports about this remedy. It's worth a try.
  • When you're having a hard time breathing, sit down, lean forward and put your elbows on your knees. This position can make breathing easier because it elevates the diaphragm, the most important muscle used for breathing.
  • Take chickweed, comfrey, marshmallow root, mullein, and slippery elm together.

WARNING: Emphysema is a very serious illness that should be treated by a qualified health professional.

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